Europe Road Trip May – June 2016

Well after lots of planning, the car’s packed and we’re to hit the road tomorrow.  Don’t think Amr will sleep tonight he’s so excited about the ‘real retirement’ journey starting.  Since Amr joined me in retirement January 1st we’ve spent little time at home.

January was a walking holiday in the snow for two weeks in Switzerland using the Swiss Rail Pass we covered most of Switzerland and walked around 80 miles.

Home for a couple of weeks then off to Cairo for two months February till early April.  Most of the time was spent overseeing workmen renovating our apartment but we had chance to catch up with family and friends, spend time in Alexandria and Ein Suckna, and walk a lot!  We explored areas of Cairo neither of us had been before, and visited a friends farm.

Back for Kareem and Beckys ‘Welsh/English’ wedding on 29th April, having had their Islamic wedding back in January 2014.

Now into May and its time for Europe. Our journey takes us through Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and back through Belgium again before taking the ferry back to England at the end of June.  The route is 3,500 km (2,175 miles) although  I’m sure we will put in a lot more than that.  We will start the journey using mobile homes as it’s still a bit chilly in May, but then we will be using our (humongous) tent.

To save clogging up everyones Facebook account with photos I decided to do a bit of a blog so anyone who’s interested can keep up to date with us (wi fi willing!).  Not done this before but hey I can only give it a try, and at least we will have a record for ourselves as to what we did and where!Euro 16.jpg


  1. I am sure it will be a very interesting trip to follow😀😀
    Have an amazing trip and looking forward to hear from you and see nice pictures😘


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