Zebrugge to Berny Rivière

As we drive onto the ferry in Hull, there’s a real mix of emotions, excitement at starting another trip; disbelief that our plans we’ve been putting together for the last few years are actually coming to fruition; freedom in that we have no responsibilities to hold us back; comfort in the knowledge that the kids are no longer kids and are self reliant and self sufficient, and if we’re away for months they need nothing more than the occasional watts app.
Excited to be using our tent and anxiety that we’ve forgotten to pack something vital; amazed that we managed to fit everything into the car, and leave – albeit small – space for anything we may want to bring back with us!
Fortunately we chose to travel out of the main holiday season, so the ferry is not very full, mainly couples like us – yes old guys!!
Looking forward to breakfast in Brugge tomorrow ☺️

Woke up to a beautiful morning, sun shining and all’s well with the world!! Surprise this morning that Belgium have introduced passport checks on arrival, and after being in (unusual ) long tailback of traffic found that they have introduced police checks at the border with France too. Sign of the troubled times😔

After a stop in Lille for lunch we arrived at our first camp site in Berny Rivière. We have been here before but of course Amr can’t remember it! It is much larger than it was but three beautiful lakes all with fishing, one happy Amr!
After considering our options for the next few days we decided against the 90 minute journey in Paris, for a walk to some caves which the Jews hid in during the war, market day in Soissons – say hello to the memorial where my great uncle John is remembered ( he was killed in the last days of world war 2 at the age of 18). Then Sunday maybe a visit to the castle where Merlin was filmed.
So relaxing sitting here by the side of the river, watching the swans and ducks pass by. A couple of ducks called on us when we were eating to share the bread with us, sure they’ll be back for more for breakfast!!

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