7 May

Anyone who knows me knows my love of the French ‘marche’. So off we set to Soissons for the Saturday market. The main square was completely transformed from the last time we were here, full of market stalls, hustle and bustle, but not of the local French but North Africans! We soon discover that the market was almost split into two, the traditional French, and North Africa. So strange to see this in rural France, but obviously another sign of the times in which we live. Anyway we loaded up with healthy salad stuff, rotisserie chicken and feeling good, till we passed the boulongerie and loaded up with bread and gateau and tarte framboise!! We called to say hello to my great uncle John at the memorial – First World War not second as I said yesterday!
So after a healthy lunch back at camp we set of for a walk to look for the caves. Lovely walk, uphill, through the forest, listening to the woodpeckers at work in the trees, rewarded by fascinating caves spread through the forest. Sad to think of the displaced Jewish refugees who had had to live here during the war.
So it seems that refugees of one kind or another, one century or another were the theme of the day.

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