Euro 16 continued….

8 May
Bit of culture today in the form of the Chateau Pierrefronds. Beautiful fairytale castle, used for filming Merlin. The chateau itself was huge, ornate and a maze of staircases and passages so I can see why it was used for films. The village around it was lovely, bustling as there was a pottery market in full swing, with some beautiful pieces, unfortunately Amr reminded me we had limited space in the car and it was only day three of our 55 day trip🙄. So we settled for a cafe au lait in the cafe and people watched in the sunshine. – from the shade! A drive through the forest where the armistice was signed 11.11.11 and back for lunch before an evening stroll along the river and the lakes on the campsite.
And on to Troyes…
The day didn’t start well when we found the gas bottle was empty which meant no coffee and a grumpy Catherine. After a picnic breakfast by the side of the road … Grumpiness lessened .. we later stopped at Chateau Thierry for morning coffee, only to open the boot and a bottle of (sans alcohol) champagne bounced out, smashing loudly in the car park😱😱. After cleaning it up, not wanting and potential for flat tyres, we proceeded into the town seeking coffee, only to find its closed on Mondays. Fortunately a little further we happened upon a marche closing up for the day, but where there’s a market there’s bound to be a cafe, so we topped up the caffeine levels happily.

Opting out of using motorways to our next stop we used the smaller roads passing through small villages and farms, the fields are full of (almost fluorescent) yellow rapeseed, which looked stunning against the backdrop of grey skies.
Troyes is a city we have passed by a number of times, called in at the designer outlets and thought that was the city. Using the city as a overnight stop en route to our next camp (yes the luxury of a hotel☺️) we found that we have missed an absolute treasure!! The city is very old, all timber framed buildings which are beautiful, many leaning over and threatening to fall! Of course I want to walk through the picturesque back streets taking pictures…… Amr prefers the main streets! There were sooooo many photo opportunities I soon exhausted the battery on my phone, having left the camera in the car.
Anyway, his reward for the back streets and photos was Côte de Beouf at one of his favourite restaurants Hippopotamus ☺️

Walk by the river
Chateau Pierrefonds
Chateau Pierrefonds
Chateau Pierrefonds
Chateau Pierrefonds


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