Troyes to Gigny-sir-Soane


Troyes to Gigny-sur-Soane
Stopped off in Dijon (yes of mustard fame☺️) and enjoyed a picnic in the Darcy park by a beautiful fountain, in the sunshine (shade). Starting off back to the car the heavens opened, thunder and lighting and the rain bouncing of the streets, not however of us, it went straight through our clothes😱😱. Here I found that rain and Egyptian made shoes don’t mix, and a scarf is not just for keeping the sun off!!! Fortunately the towels were handy in the car and a quick change of shirts sufficed while the car heater slowly dried of our jeans!! Frustratingly, as we were drying off, the rain stopped and the sun came out again😖😖😖.
Anyway, the journey was good, rapeseed fields making way for vines as far as the eye could see, of course Burgundy region is famous for its wines. Sorry guys, no samples!!

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