Gigny-sur-Soane to Lake Annecy

Opting to avoid motorways and drive through the mountains was a good choice. Even though it was raining the views were great, when we weren’t in the clouds that is. I know many people think I have my head in the clouds a lot of the time time, but on this occasion we were both there!
The road was lined with beautiful laburnum trees making it very colourful. On arriving at our new camp for the next four nights, we had a late lunch – planned picnic didn’t happen due to the rain, so we were starving. Then set of to explore the local area, finding a lovely walk through the marches at the end of the lake, so peaceful, even though there were plenty of signs telling us what animals we could see we saw only a few ducks, one fish jumping, a bird catching an insect whilst in flight, and huge snails. The sun eventually came out as we were returning and the typical deep turquoise colour of the lake returned. The last time we were here was with John and Sue when we did our ‘France Discovery’ trip to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary and my 60th. Hope the weather turns out half as good as it was then!image.jpeg

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