An early start today was needed, 302 miles from Annecy to Lake Garda our next destination. So it was motorway all the way this time. We expected to pay tolls on the motorways, and anticipated a tunnel or two as we went through the mountains. What we had underestimated was the number of tolls, the number of tunnels, and the cost of these!! One tunnel alone, Tunnel De Frejus cost €43.5😱😱😱 in total today covering 301 miles, we paid the grand total of €91.60 in tolls. The only consolation is that coffee is cheap here in Italy ☕️☕️☕️. We are staying for four nights in an appartment in a holiday village, quite posh compared to mobile homes and the tent. Venturing out of the village to explore the local area and lake we found that there are no footpaths for pedestrians, and went so far alone the side of the road before we decided to go further we would risk life and limb, Italian drivers have a kamakazi attitude!! So we walked back and took the car instead, only to find queues at a standstill. So we opted for a return back to the appartment, fortunately spotting a vodka phone outlet, which was still open, so we’ve topped up on wifi for our time in Italy. Sitting now, relaxing on our balcony, gazing out over the lake to the mountains in the background (I know the lake is there, just can’t see it!!) over a (non alcoholic ) beer😍😍

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