Sirmione, Lake Garda

Not far from where we are staying is Sirmione, which is situated on a long promentary into lake Garda. We had identified from our research that this was a good place to visit, confirmed by John who has visited before so we set off and it didn’t take long to get there. Not sure what parking would be like we decided to park at the beginning of the promentary and walk up. Not quite understanding the parking signs, we avoided the ones which showed a tow truck removing vehicles, those which said 1 hour only and left our parking disc with the time on. With fingers crossed we set off walking, hoping the car would still be there when we got back!The walk was lovely, shade from the trees which smelt beautiful, alongside the lake, Amr was bemused by the fact that there were a lot of people, all walking with intent, in the same direction as us! Eventually we arrived at a castle and castle gates and thought, yep we know why they were all walking here. What a beautiful entrance to the castle area, the surrounding area very quaint, busy with a multitude of tourist like ourselves, enjoying the warm sun. We walked around the lakeside, where lots of people were braving the cool water and enjoying a swim. The water was so clear and turquoise blue. After a coffee stop at the lakeside we went through the olive groves and found the Grottes di Catullo. 6 euros each was very well spent wandering through the ruins of the villa and olives groves with fabulous views of the lake and surrounding beaches. Amazing what could be achieved so long ago with such limited tools. Fortunately the entrance fee reduced the number of people around and it was very peaceful.  

Amr was delighted when he found one of his favourite fruits growing on a huge tree! ‘toot’ is not very common and we think it is mulberry. Mahmoud Habib grows these on his farm and we sampled them last time we were in Cairo. Seems they are also called toot in Italy as a number of Italians were getting excited also at finding a ‘toot’ tree!

Of course when you’re in Italy you have to have gelatti!! Sooooo many flavours to choose, from, so many cones to decide which one is difficult. Amr ended up with the biggest ice cream I have ever seen!! 

It seems wherever go we see a vintage car rally, and today is not exception. They are preparing for the 1000 Migras which apparently is the most beautiful car race. Lots of vintage sports cars vroom vrooming around! The race itself is tomorrow so hopefully we may catch some of it, though its forecast rain.

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