Verona and Lake Garda

The weather wasn’t promising when we set off, and the forecast was for rain, but hey, we live in Manchester (well some of the time😉), so a bit of rain wasn’t going to stop us enjoying Verona. So brollys at the ready we set off. First impressions of the city were good, it is beautiful. The rain soon started as we were checking out the arena – where I would love to see Aida performed. Soon all we could see were umbrellas. As the rain continued to pour we opted to shelter in a cafe on one of the main squares, and people watch. Well the people soon disappeared, but the rain did not! We decided after sitting for as long as we could over a coffee, that we needed to just go for it, and for w awhile the rain eased up. Then it decided that we needed a good soaking, and that’s what we got! Not one to give up, we soldiered on, drying the camera as I went, until it got too much for even the camera. With wet trousers, feet soaked to the bone and squelching with every step, even I had to admit defeat😟😟. I am determined at some point we will return to this beautiful city, when it’s not raining!!
Today dawned with beautiful sun, and the mountains which have been in haze/cloud since we arrived were crystal clear. A trip round the local town, which we had tried to walk to on our arrival, was lovely, an old roman town buzzing in the sunshine with tourists and locals.  

On round the east side of the lake the road stuck to the side of the lake and the views in the clear sun were fabulous. We stopped in Lazise, and believe me it was! (Lazise in Arabic is nice). An old castle dominated the town, and we loved walking through the maze of streets and along the lakeside full of pavement cafes.

Passing through the town of Garda I spotted a market in full swing. Amr knows better than to ignore my shouts of excitement at a market and we haven’t been to one yet in Italy, so following the signs to the car park became a bit fraught, no place to park, and his parking fairy doesn’t seem to travel to Italy with us. So with heavy heart we gave up and moved onwards on our journey.

Further along the lake we stopped at the roadside and had our picnic sat on the rocks – under a tree in the shade – watching the ducks flying across the water, and of course a couple smelt our bread and came to share lunch!

Our final destination was Malcesine. Here we heard English voices for the first time. Everywhere is full of Germans, so much so that you would think we were actually in Germany not Italy!! After a walk round and of course the obligatory gelato, we made our way back. Calling this time at Garda with success. The market of course was over so there was parking space! A beautiful town, full of colourful pavement cafes and a sparkling lake with loads of boats bobbing about.
We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here in Lake Garda, topped off with a beautiful post sunset sky, and super right moon. Onwards tomorrow to our camp near Venice where we start camping properly in our tent😃. The last time we were in Venice together was on our honeymoon road trip from Cairo -Stockton UK – Cairo.

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