Saturday 28th

Hard to believe we have been here for a whole week now! It must be the school holiday changeover time in Germany and Austria! The German campers are moving out today and the Austrians moving in! We have seen very few British cars on our journeys so far, our French is patchy but our german non existent beyond guten morgan and brot (bread!) so conversations have been a bit hit and miss but with lots of smiles! It’s very interesting sitting here watching how differently people travel and set up camp. Lots of motor homes and campavans, a few tents, but ours seems to attract a lot of attention because of its size! and for all the size of the tent we seem to spend all or time sitting outside albeit under the canopy. This does have its hazards tho, in the form of hungry mosquitos which don’t seem deterred by either the citron candles, anti mozzie machine, or repellant sprays. My factor fifty works during the day but obviously the effect is worn off by night!
Amr has just had me in fits of laughter at his antics in doing the washing up from breakfast! Anyone would think this a straightforward job, but no, not for Amr, who seems to have been balancing wet and dry dishes, the washing up bowl and causing hilarity from his noise amongst the other campers who were also washing up!! He even managed to forget to bring the washing up liquid back so stressed was he by the experience!!

Popped up to Caorle again today, attracted by the licorice ice cream which we haven’t seen anywhere else! As we arrived we noticed that the main free car park had been taken over by a large market. So having parked the car in the expensive park we made a bee line for the market. Unfortunately it was just closing up for the day, but unlike French markets it was predominantly clothes and accessories, tons of shoes and bags from which I was pulled away from on more than one occasion!! Very few food stalls though.

We strolled along the promenade eating our ice creams to the beaches each side of the town, amazed at the number of parasols stretched out for miles, and so close together, I dread to think what the place is like in summer!

On our way home we picked up some super fresh veg from the farm shop at the roadside for a healthy dinner, although we devoured the fresh strawberries as soon as we got home!

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