Venetian islands

Hazy fog didn’t deter us from our anticipation at visiting Murano and Burano islands, again by bus and ferry. We are fortunate that the bus stops right outside the camp. The ferry terminal was getting busy as we arrived, but as we’d just missed a ferry we had time for a coffee before the next one. The ferry to Burano wasn’t busy, obviously everyone was headed to Venice.
Although still hazy when we arrived the sun was trying to get out to show the beauty of the buildings in Burano at their best. The island was famous for its lacemaking until the Second World War devastated the industry, however everywhere shops are selling the most beautiful and intricate lace goods, very tempting!!! The buildings are all painted differing vibrant colours, and it’s the only place I know where it’s required to hang out your washing in the sunshine for everyone to see!! Much quieter then Venice and Murano the island has a charm all of its own, lovely just to walk around and enjoy the peace. Although judging by the crowded ferries later in the day the peace may not be enduring! Stopping at the bakery we purchased a variety of traditional Italian cannoli and biscuits for breakfast and ate them looking out at the lagoon.
By contrast Murano could only be described as drab, ageing buildings, multitudinous glass factories but that’s it’s charm. Busier here than Burano, the island was developed as a glass making island when residents of Venice kicked them out of the main city and has since become the world famous Murano Glass. It is amazing what they can make with glass, large and small, although there seemed to be better quality products last time Sally and I were here, or maybe Sally is to blame for buying all the good stuff at that time!!! Time here for lunch, so we sat at a well situated trattoria watching the world go by as we ate, Amr opting to try a selection of fried lagoon fish, which looked very interesting and he told me to be quiet while he concentrated on eating it so it must have been good!!

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