Change of plan….

Checking out the weather forcast for the next week, it wasn’t looking good. Rain forecast here, as well as at our next destination in Austria. Whilst here it clears up, that’s not the case for Austria, and would potentially mean tomorrow taking down and putting up the tent in the rain, as well as the fact that rain and thunderstorms are forecast for the length of our stay in Austria. The reason we chose to go to Austria on this trip is to see it when it’s not raining, as that’s all it did on our last visit! Seems we

re destined only to see it in the rain! So a quick internet search found us a Eurocamp site, close to where we had originally booked, for virtually the same price. (Fortunately we had not paid a deposit for the site) So we have booked an extra night here in Lido di Jesolo so we can pack up in the sunshine and have a dry tent, before moving on and staying in a Eurocamp tent so even if it’s raining all the time we don’t have to worry about having a wet tent in the car for the next two stops which are hotels.So, while it was pouring down today, Amr has been a happy bunny, sat in our canopy watching the rain come down. It seems like the holidays are over as the campsite has virtually cleared today, the road to the motorway toll station was horrendous, fortunately we were only going to the supermarket! It’s a strange feeling in an almost deserted campsite when since we arrived it had been very busy with people coming and going.

As the weather cleared up late afternoon we decided on a stroll along the beach. Eerie seeing the beach completely deserted, then we noted the colour of the sky😱😱jet black clouds, then the flashes of lightening, so as Amr tried catching a picture of the lightening I set off along the shoreline, not for long though as I felt the very large drops of rain, I set off at a run quickly joined by Amr to get back to the tent just in time for a super duper thunder and lightening storm. The land quickly became waterlogged, and Amr was sweeping the water from our groundsheet outside the door. Good news is… The tent is waterproof!!  

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