Nature at its best

So after a leisurely breakfast we set off to walk into Zell am See via the lake. After an initial detour as we weren’t too sure whether to believe the local map or the sat nav we eventually found the route we wanted. This took us through the wetlands nature reserve / conservation area which was full of wild flowers which looked so pretty. The weather was a bit hit and miss with occasional sprinkles of showers which had us reaching for our coats, then discarding them again as it cleared up. The road by the lake was lovely, the clouds now lifting from the mountains. First thing we spotted was a family of swans with cygnets, one of which was obviously the black sheep as it kept going the different direction to the others! After lunch in Zell am See we set off back again, we spotted a duck on the water looking as though it was preening itself whilst swimming, on closer inspection courtesy of the zoom lens on the camera, we soon saw it was carrying two babies on its back and was finding food and feeding them. I can’t tell you how cute they looked, or how many blurred pictures we took!! Some good ones did come out though fortunately. This is the first time we have seen anything like this before, I had now idea they carried their young on their backs.

We did manage to see the tops of mountains today although not all of them, which completely surround us, many are still snow capped. We could see clearly on the mountains the ski pistes which make the area a year round resort.

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