Friday 3 June
Our route to Salzburg took us through the valleys and meadows with beautiful scenery all the way. Even the sun was making more of an effort and it was quite bright. We passed through cute villages on the journey, then we crossed into a far corner of Germany for a while before hitting Austria again just outside Salzburg. First impressions weren’t great, like many large cities the approach is a bit tatty. However as we found a parking spot close to the city centre and started walking these impressions changed as the beautiful buildings appeared, the sun was even good enough to come out for us. It seemed that every corner we turned there was another impressive building, and the whole city is dominated by the schloss/fortress on the hill above. What I love about this area is that it is one of the few places that national dress is worn daily by people. Lovely to see the men and women going about their business looking like they’ve just stepped out of the Sound of Music. Shops are full of tyrolian outfits, for all ages, including the cutest ones for kids, Amr couldn’t be persuaded to purchase a pair of lederhosen though!

Proud horses pull carriages of tourists around the centre of the city, they are obviously well cared for and happy horses with their drivers in full national dress of course. Down yet another back street off the main shopping street we found a great market and had something that was a cross between fougass/focaccia/pizza for our lunch sheltering in the shade and watching the multitude of American tourists walking by. The city seems to be preparing for the Salzburg festival as there are lots of seating/ stages going up in the main area and lots of work in others. Mozarts statue looked down on us while we had a coffee, every other shop seemed to be selling either Mozart chocolates or Mozart perfume!

The route back took us a different way to which we came, different again being in a valley surrounded by rocky mountains. One thing that has intrigued us is the amount of wood, being felled, stored for cutting, stacked out to age, it seems to be everywhere and we did wonder if there will be any trees left soon. The closer we got to our camp, the darker the cloud became, and as we stepped out of the car to the tent the rain started again!
Saturday, 4th June
After the excitement of Salzburg we decided on a lazy day today☺️ so we walked to Kaprun had a coffee and walked back. The original plan was to follow the hiking route across the mountain but as we couldn’t find it we took the leisurely route and contested with cyclists for space on the pedestrian/ cycling path! Well prepared with raincoats, umbrellas etc for the forecasted rain we were lucky that the sun came out for most of the walk, I say walk, it was a nine mile round trip!! As we start to pack up for an early start tomorrow we have been pleased with our change of plan to use Eurocamp for these few nights rather than our own tent, as it has been wet as forecasted and the empty pitches here are quite waterlogged. We certainly wouldn’t have relished a wet tent in the car for the next two nights as we stay in hotels along the route to our next camp in Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, go there’s plenty to do before we get there!!

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