And on to Switzerland…..

Sunday 5th June
 If confirmation of making the right decision in changing plans to using Eurocamp instead of our own at Zell am See, then the rain during the night, and whilst we were having breakfast and packing up this morning was it!! 

We had read about the Krimml Waterfalls, and chatting to a fellow camper confirmed our plan to visit the falls en route to Innsbruck. Fortunately the weather brightened as we left the camp and we could see the falls clearly high up in the mountain through the trees as we approached. Ready for rain and sunshine we set off, what we weren’t ready for was how spectacular were the series of waterfalls as we slowly climbed up the mountain. With all the rain storms recently and the end of winter snowfall, the falls were probably at their fullest and best. The volume of water was phenomenal, producing spray everywhere. Pleased we had arrived reasonably early we could see it getting busier as the morning went on. It seemed every hairpin bend we went round there was more to ooh and ahh at! and to photograph of course! Although with all the spray I’m not sure how well any of them will come out. After the steep climbing, Amr spotted a restaurant which we made good use of feeling we had earned a decent lunch. With recharged energy we made a speedier descent than ascent, meeting mother superior looking for Maria on the way ( well a group of nuns anyway☺️). We were just enjoying our flasks of tea back at the car when the heavens opened, just like a super power shower, talk about good timing! The rain came down in torrents, and as we were headed uphill, the water was gushing down the road at us like another waterfall. We did feel sorry for the bus loads of tourists who had just arrived as we were leaving.

After much debate on our journey as to whether we had or had not been to Innsbruck before, my memory being deficient for a change, Amr convinced we had been. We spotted the Swarovski centre and knowing we had definitely been here before resolved the conversation, although I was not entirely convinced until after we had checked in and walking in to the old town I recognised the buildings! The rain had started again so after a walk round we called it a day.
Monday 6 June

A bright start to the day had us walking round Innsbruck again, very different in the sunshine, unfortunately the sun also brought out the tour groups, for whom we could not move, why tour groups everywhere think they have the priority over everyone else I will never know. Anyway we had a long journey so off we went leaving them to it.

Avoiding motorways as much as possible the views as journey towards Luzern were superb. Green pastures with bright yellow wildflowers turned into snow capped mountains, wild flowers into blue and pinks, warm sunshine into crisp cool air. Wide roads turned into small tight bendy roads, but most of all the views…… One small hiccup when the sat nav thought the car transporter was a road, but otherwise a fabulous journey which I tried to capture with the camera, but I think there will be a lot of blurred ones, a lot of passing cars caught and if I’m lucky one or two decent ones!

Lunch was a picnic in the snowy mountain surrounded by beautiful wildflowers and loads of pretty butterflies who were very camera shy!

Arriving in Luzern for our second night in a hotel the sun still shining, all we were ready for was food and bed!

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