One of our favourite places, Lauterbrunnen 😍

Tuesday 7th June
The sun was already warm when we parked in Luzern, in search of a bank to change some euros into Swiss francs, can you believe when in Switzerland you can’t find a bank!! From the bridge we could see not only my favourite.. swans gliding along, but loads of fish jumping clear out of the water, it was quite a sight to behold. So after a walk round, me trying to find a walk we had done some years ago with Peter and Edda, unsuccessfully, we found that the market was in full swing along the banks of the river. Very colourful with many flower stalls, lots of peony roses which reminded me that I will have missed mine flowering at home. After browsing the stalls full of fresh produce, lots of cheese and home baked bread, we eventually found a bank, and armed with cash we headed to the Rathaus cafe for a large coffee. Although the sun was hot and there was lots of blue sky we knew the weather forecast for Lauterbrunnen, our next camp, was rainy we knew we needed to head off and try and get the tent up before it started.

The scenery en route was stunning, and with the bright sun even more so. We chose the route along the side of various lakes which were bright turquoise in colour and absolutely gorgeous. Lots of waterfalls falling down the mountains thanks to all the recent rain which was fascinating to see. Arriving at our campsite we were quicker in getting established than previously, getting the hang of it now, each of us learning what we do best and getting on with it. We managed to get the tent up gear inside, kettle on, just as the rain started!! Talk about good timing! 

The site is one we have used a couple of times before with Eurocamp, it’s evolved quite a bit since our last stay, many more permanent cabins, lots of mobile homes taking over from what was predominantly tents. From our tent we have the most fantastic view of the waterfall for which the valley is famous, and you guessed, full of water due to the rains. Whilst Ramadan started two days ago, Amr has not been able to fast due to travelling, so he starts tomorrow now we are established in one place with our own facilities for ten days.

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