And the rain keeps coming……

Wednesday 9th June
The rain hasn’t stopped since we got the tent up two days ago! It’s varied in intensity, occasional small snippets where it’s safe to venture out, for essentials like toilets and supermarket but otherwise our time has been spent inside the tent. Outside, and indeed underfoot has got increasing wet and squidgy. Yesterday they brought us a couple duck boards to help get from the tent to the path, but now we can’t tell the difference from the grass and the path and our feet are sinking into the mud every time we move😱😱😱. So after checking the weather forecast yet again, Friday looks clear then rain rain and more rain. Checking every direction in mainland Europe is the same forecast. So we made the decision to pack up tomorrow if it’s fine, and head off to the Dordogne, in a mobile home so the weather can do its worst but we’ll be dry, with an inside loo!! So that’s the plan, just need to work out how this affects the rest of our planned route! This afternoon, it got brighter so we had a little walk, can you believe it….. Behind the waterfall!! As if we hadn’t had enough water coming down on us! The the sun came out, blue sky’s and everywhere was beautiful, the valley showing off it waterfalls for which its famous in their glory with all the water they’ve had. We watched a few hang gliders sailing down, frightened the life out of us the first one, it looked and sounded as though someone had fallen off the cliff until his parachute unfurled. More aware now we waited for the other two coming down, so graceful they look in the sunshine against the blue skies. Made us regret that we aren’t staying longer but there’s no way we can cope with squelching in the mud, which is only going to get worse, any longer.
Friday 10th June

 After a freezing cold night, although the sky was super clear and the stars so bright, we woke to a dry morning. So as the sun slowly came up from behind the mountains the tent had chance to dry out before we packed it up. The ground sheets got a good wash with the camp car wash hose and dried out while we showered and changed after all the mud cleaning. We certainly left our mark.. In the mud, don’t think they’ll be able to use that pitch for a while.

The weather remind fine although getting increasingly cloudy as the day went on, until our arrival in Lyon. Not the most exciting of days as it was motorway all the way, lots of traffic hold ups but a great dinner this evening.

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