Marchès and prehistory……

Monday 13 June
A latish start, we headed for Les Eyziers for the morning market. Parking just out of the main town we walked towards the centre, fascinated by the huge rocks above us. After a walk round the market which was quite small and a typical farmers market, with local people bringing their produce into town, it seems to be a popular tourist bus stop too, a bus load of Americans were unloading as we were walking away from the market. We walked to the end of the town and then explored a path which led upwards towards the rocks above. Houses were built into the rocks themselves, peeking through an open door we could see that the rocks were actually the back wall of the house. This is how houses and living accommodation has been built for thousands of years in this area, as we discovered on our next stop the Roque de St Christophe. Absolutely fascinating to see these ancient caves, (apparently over 33,000 years old) and dwellings and how people lived through the ages. 

Heading back towards camp the rain started again so we spent some time wandering around Intermarche (supermarket) planning and purchasing food for dinner.
Tuesday 14th June

Today’s plan was to visit the marche in Bergerac. Each time we have been in this area we have missed this city due to the distance and so many other distractions, so is time we were determined to pay a visit, of course planning it around market day! We took the scenic route through farms and small villages arriving in good time, plenty of parking spaces and not many people around was strange on a market day we observed but went off looking for the crowds. We found no crowds, and furthermore no market other than the permanent covered one. Not sure what happen here, it is advertised as today. Not to worry we walked round this lovely old city, quiet with no many people around, and due to our early arrival the shops and restaurant were just in the process of opening and setting up. Amr did wonder with so many restaurants and so few people where they thought the trade was going to come from!

The city of Cyrano de Bergerac the town was full of statues and references to the great playwright. We made our way via the road which follows and crosses (frequently) the Dordogne, very full at the moment thanks to all the rain. The rain held off till we got back, must be getting our timing right for a change! After a heavy shower the sun came out so hanging the towels out to air in the sun and slight breeze e relaxed, until the heavens opened and the rain came down in torrents! Quick grab of towels resulted in a soaking for me, and this game proceeded for the rest of the day.

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