Sarlat Le Caneda

No visit to the Dordogne is complete without a visit to Sarlat and its famous marchè. Smaller at this time of year than in the summer it’s still a honeypot for tourists and locals alike. The Dordogne is the area for fois gras, geese and ducks in every format, truffles – or black gold and just as expensive although possibly harder to find! As you would expect the market was overflowing with such produce as well as local cheeses and delicacies, olives and mushrooms. Markets and fasting don’t sit well together, the colours and smells are impossible to resist, Amr wanted to buy everything to eat for ‘breakfast’ and pretty much succeeded! The ancient narrow streets and winding passageways all seem to lead back again to the main square. Restaurants and gift shops line even the smallest of passageways, beautifully set awaiting hungry customers. Sitting in a pavement cafe – me drinking cafe au lait, Amr seeking rest – watching the stall holders close up their stalls is fascinating to watch. So quick and efficient and no debris left behind so very quickly the town settles back to orderly normality. Both the journey to Sarlat and return to camp were through the delightful countryside with fields of corn at different stages of growth, walnut trees another thing the area is famous for, and yes there were some in our bags on the way home! It seems like every corner you turn, everywhere you look there is another solidly built chateau to ogle and ooh at and I did plenty of that particularly on the return journey.

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