Dodging the downpours in Domme and Belvès….

Domme is set high up in the rocks, a small town but offering fabulous views over the surrounding countryside. The entrance to the village is through a narrow archway, then up a windy road to the main square. The predominant produce here is fois gras in all its forms and all the condiments to accompany it. Having been here a few times before it was quite a contrast to see it in torrential rain! And quick as a flash after the rain the sun came out, not for long though, the rain and the sun played hide and seek all day! The rain quickly formed rivers racing down the sloping streets, the trade for the stall holders in the small market was poor today. Small streets all again leading back to the main square where lots of work is in progress to improve the approach to the Main Street, looks like it will be quite impressive when completed.

Moving on to Belvès the sky was impressive, black in one direction, blue in another. Naturally we were heading for the black sky! Belvès is another mediaeval town perched high up with fabulous views. When we walked into the main square I instantly recognised that we have been here before, must have been around the same time of day too, as all the shops were closed and one bar seemed to have all the life of the town, at least six customers! We walked around the tiny alleyways which came round in circles and yes, led eventually back to the main square which has an impressive centrepiece of open sided building. After finding a Boulangerie we made our purchase of amazing bread, which I couldn’t wait to tear apart and eat twitch e cheese we had bought at the market in Domme!! Delicioussss!! The black clouds broke above us and we drove home in torrential rain, which continued to stop and start for the rest of the day.

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