More rain, more changes of plan….

Setting off in the rain en route to our next camp in the Loire region, the weather brightened up a little. We stopped in Perigeaux which is the most beautiful old town, can’t understand why we have not discovered it before on our visits, although there is so much to see in the Dordogne that’s not really surprising! The first clue to its treasures was the huge cathedral with very unusual architecture and domes all in white stone, quite stunning and mesmerising as you walk around it. The ancient streets wind round, shops overflowing with local produce, and lots of unusual arts and crafts. Each corner revealed something else with a wow factor. Stopping for a coffee to shelter from the rain which had started again, we realised that there was so much more of this city to see and that we had no time to explore it all as we had a long journey ahead. Definitely on our bucket list to return to.

As we progressed towards our destination the sky darkened, and darkened and darkened, although to our far right we could see the blue sky peeping through. Amr assured me we were headed in that direction, I wasn’t convinced, and then the lightening started to strike, the thunder role, and the heavens opened and poured water down upon us so much so that we along with most others (French drivers don’t seems to know what danger is, even when you can’t see a meter in front of you) slowed down to a crawl as the windscreen wipers couldn’t cope with all the water. Pitching a tent in this didn’t seem attractive at all!! I started search local hotels as we progressed and Amr enjoyed the storm! As we arrived at the campsite the rain had eased and we made our way to reception. Typical French overreaction when we said ‘tent’… no no no no no, c’est non possible, the rain and lots of gestures about the rain!! Apparently the pitches were waterlogged, ok if you have a caravan but the tent had no chance. So back to the car for plan B!! 

Hotel in Tours booked for the night, meant a dry night, free wifi to surf for an alternative to our plans for the next eight nights, obviously pitching our tent seems a no no as the man said. So back to Eurocamp to see what they have on offer. After a web chat as the site couldn’t deal with a booking for the next night we eventually settled on a tent for the full eight nights in Dol de Bretagne, Brittany, another favourite of ours although nothing like the trip home we had planned. Still if all else fails the beaches are used to water and at least we can take our socks and shoes off for a walk

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