Domaine des Ormes

19 June 
Lazy day today after our long drive yesterday, nothing more energetic than a stroll into the local village for the Sunday morning market. The market was very small and uninspiring compared to most, but the pub was doing a brisk trade and the local band was playing to the customers sat on the pavements enjoying the fresh air. I would love to say the sunshine, but at least the rain held off apart from a few spots just to remind us of the threat of more! We made good use of the free wifi in the bar area back on the campsite for a while. Then after a walk round the campsite -which has grown substantially since we first came here, so many activities for kids of all ages to participate in- watching an equestrian event taking place next to the camp, a few golfers hitting their balls who knows where, don’t think they do either judging by the number of stray balls we spotted on our walk, we relaxed the rest of the day.

20 June

Well we knew it couldn’t last, the rain started overnight and continued throughout the day. We ventured into Dinard, on the coast opposite, side of the bay to St Malo. Now, living in Manchester we are used to rain. The last six weeks have been pretty relentless with thunderstorms and torrential rain so what’s a little more rain we thought as we donned raincoats and put up the umbrella. Driving wind forcing the rain into our faces so that eventually all we could see was the inside of the umbrella had us beat! We tried, we took a side road to shelter from the wind, no distractions of local shops as they were closed Monday’s, so we legged it back to the warmth of the car and headed for the nearest centre commercial to seek solace in shopping for dinner

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