And so the journey ends…

So, after arriving home, unpacking the car, washing done, the jungle that used to be a garden needed attacking. Then chance to reflect on our two months away….
The stats:55 days travelling, from England to

Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland the countries we visited.
4,369. Miles we travelled in the car
321.4 Miles we walked
496 Litres of petrol we used

2 Nights on ferries
18 Nights in mobile homes
25 Nights in tent
7 Nights in hotels
4 Nights in an apartment

5 Rain free days
4 Changes of plan due to the weather

The weather in Europe this year was unprecedented, so we will not take from that that every year would be as bad weather wise.

France is the country we both feel comfortable and ‘at home’ in. We rediscovered the raw beauty of Brittany, best explored out of tourist season.
Italy is a country we would like to explore more of, the freshest and most abundant fruit and veg, good prices for both eating out and at home, the most laid back people.
Austria we have yet to experience without rainfall, however it’s a beautiful country, more ‘soft’ rolling countryside with lots of opportunities for walking.
Switzerland is astronomically expensive when it comes to food, and from what we experience not the freshest. When the sun is out it’s very good, but as we found when it rains incessantly there’s not much you can do.  Our favourite campsite has expanded to become more commercially minded and lost its USP.
Belgium still has the best moules frittes!

We can put up the tent and take it down as a team, better each time we do it. Packing the car got better each time we did it. Many things have dual usage when camping, eg, tea light holders intended for anti insect candles, also serve as good egg cups!
We learnt to fill the car up whenever we see cheap diesel rather than when we have run down the tank. We don’t need half as many clothes as we took this time, so long as we can use a washing machine of which there are usually plenty on sites and at supermarkets.
Booking ahead does not always pay off especially if you have to change plans, most places can be booked a couple of days ahead so long as you have wifi.
We also learnt that we can live together 24/7 for two months and still be friends!!

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