Dunham Massey

The ancient trees still survive despite looking completely hollow!


Mum keeping a watchful eye on her goslings
The lily pond
Young deer showing disinterest to passing visitors
the avenues of trees provide welcome shade from the sun
The stags enjoy the shade too!
Dunham Massey Hall

20 July

After our return from Madrid a period of domesticity prevailed.  Getting the jungle that used to be my garden back under control was a mammoth task, and required a lot of time and effort.  The opportunity to sit and enjoy the fruits of hard labour are worth it though as the garden is now in full flower.  Catching up with friends and family was a priority, great to see everyone and share news and chat.

However we can;t stay home all the time, so time to stretch our legs at Dunham Massey deer park.  The young deer were spread about the park and unafraid of all the attention from passers by, not stupid though, they kept a reasonable distance!  I was reading recently that the national trust breeding programme has been so successful over recent years that the may now have to start to cull the herds.  This would be very sad should it go ahead.  The lakes were also home to many new ducklings and goslings, fascinating to watch the parents finding food and popping into the mouths of their young.  On this occasion the sun was kind to us and shone throughout the day, we welcomed the shade the huge avenues of trees provided for us, and the tea and scones the cafe provided!

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