RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

21 July

A favourite event of mine is the annual Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show held at Tatton Park.  Not a cheap day out for two, however the opportunity to see so many flowers and plants on show at their best is well worth the entry fee.  The displays of fruits and vegetables are so colourful, and the precision of the presentation is unbelievable.  It was great to walk around surrounded by the varying aromas of flowers, plants and…. food from the many food stalls, had the  juices flowing!  Lots of ideas as to what we can do with the garden, now the weeds have all but gone.  A change of tactic is required to accommodate for our prolonged absences to sage our travel lust, so.. plants that can look after themselves, spread across the ground to cut down on the opportunity for those darned weeds flourishing, and which don’t mind either too much or too little water!  Simple, not!!

The variety of stalls selling their wares of all things gardening are addictive.  They seem to sell everything you never thought you would need, but do as soon as you see the displays!  One purchase we did make however should deal with one of those issues I mentioned, too little water… an irrigation system, just have to work out now how best to install it.

One delight in addition to the fabulous show gardens are the children gardens, this year on the theme of musicals, we saw Shrek, Charlie and his Chocolate Factory, Matilda among others.  The children particularly from the Matilda garden were keen to explain how they came up with the ideas and how they put the garden together, and a great job they had done too.


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