Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire

First view of the abbey
The stepping stones, there was a place in the middle of the river where two stones were wide apart making for a large stride to get across
Reflective abbey
gushing waterfall through the trees
like a turner painting!
Inside the abbey

DSCN513431 July

Meeting up with friends is always a pleasure, no more so than when you meet at a lovely place and enjoy a good walk together.  We met up with Iain and Jo at Bolton Abbey, a place none of us have visited before.  The sun was out along with lots of families and couples enjoying both the weather and the place.  Lots of walks to choose from, we chose to walk along the river firstly crossing the river by stepping stones, with the river rushing through the stones it was a bit unnerving but at least we didn’t fall in like one unfortunately girl did, it must have been cold even with the sun shining.  The river was a dark bronze colour gushing past after all the rain we have had. As we went along there were lots of physical challenges for kids of all ages to have a go at, makes it much more interesting for youngsters who often resort to ‘are we there yet’ on country walks! As we came out of the woods and into the clearing the rain started, fortunately only to a drizzle and stopped again as we made our return journey by crossing the stone bridge returned to the woods.  Half way back we rewarded ourselves with a welcome cup of steaming coffee before finishing our 7.5 mile walk.  The day was well finished with enormous plates of fish and chips ant the Wetherby Whaler, well we had walked off the calories we ate!

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