Hobby Time

12 August

Seven months into retirement and a period of time at home thoughts wander to hobbies.  Amr received a number of model kits for his birthday and retirement gifts and has not yet had time to start using them.  So after catching up on other things, rainy days keeping us inside the question of where he was going to set up himself to have a go at building his first kit.

After a visit to B&Q for a spare part for the toilet which is playing up, we decided to go and have a wander round Bygone Times.  A huge warehouse with a vast variety of second hand goods, once treasured possessions now awaiting eager new owners.  We like to come and look around, just for the memories many of the goods bring back.  Anyway, whilst wandering we saw a piece of furniture almost jump out at us from behind a pile of other stuff!  An old writing desk, these desks always remind me of my Nana who used to go in here for my pocket money every Saturday.  Today though we had different thoughts.  needing a bit of a clean up and small repairs, it would be ideal for housing kits, tools and paints. Providing a place to work swell, and the clincher… it can close up when not in use!  So into the car it went before we could change our mind, even better they gave us a discount because the key wouldn’t come out.  It did when we got it home.  So after a clean up and a coat of beeswax I have a very happy husband organising all his bits and pieces in his new desk.

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