Powis Castle and Gardens Wales

9 August

Having abandoned plans to travel to Scotland camping due to the atrocious weather – we had enough rain in our Euro 2016 trip to last a whole summer – we set off for Wales, home country of our daughter-in-law Becky.

Although looking small from the outside this castle is quite incredible for its content and layout.  Very lavish, with lots of nooks and crannies to explore.  We saw quite the most ornate bedroom we have yet seen, the decor on walls and ceilings were exquisite.  We got a great idea here for hanging chandeliers in front of windows which we hope to use in our Cairo flat.  The story of the family involvement in world war two was told on the journey through the castle.

Outside again to the gardens, they are built on a stepped hillside and the gardeners certainly have a huge job in tending all the beautiful plants and trees.  The views from the castle were stunning,  the yew trees fascinating, many planted hundreds of years ago form hiding areas right inside the branches.  There were a number of peacocks with small chicks  around the gardens, not phased by visitors although mum was keeping a very watchful eye out for them.  Watching the gardeners at work with such precision was spellbinding, I told Amr he needed to use his spirit level next time he cuts the hedge for me!

Enjoying our picnic after our walk we watched a male peacock strutting around a car the same colour as himself, he seemed quite spooked by his own reflection, confused that his reflection in the car was not responding to him.  On leaving the grounds we ran into the herd of sheep being herded from field to field with the dogs jumping from the tractor to keep them in line.

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