Brimham Rocks

16 August

Leaving York behind we called at Brimham Rocks on the way home.  We chanced upon these rocks, on National Trust property a year ago on our way home from lunch with friends.  Much busier today with families all enjoying the sunshine, climbing the rocks, some picnicking in the shade of the rocks, others enjoying theirs in the full sun.  We took the peripheral route and had solitude for our walk.  The landscape was stunning with purple heather as far as the eye could see, intermingled with the green of the bracken and lots and lots of Bilberries which will be ready to pick in a week, and lots of brambles which will take a few weeks before they are ready.  The further we wandered from the main rocks area the pathways became more difficult discern due to the foliage.  The peat underfoot was dry and bouncy putting a real spring in our step as we enjoyed the fabulous views whichever way we turned.  Sitting on a huge rock and staring out into the distance I asked Amr ‘so what is it about retirement you like?’

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