Walking the City Walls, York

15 August

The city of York was once completely encircled by huge stone walls, going back pre Roman times.  Sadly time and man have destroyed some of the walls so you can no longer emulate a roman centurion and walk completely round the walls, but you can just about do it.  So after a hearty breakfast we set off, joining the walls at Micklegate Bar and walking clockwise we followed the walls as truly as we could.  Although we have been up on the walls many years ago, we have never walked a full circle of the city.  So our route took us into parts of York that we have not explored before. A walk around the gardens of the Yorkshire Museum had us watching a squirrel searching for food, a number of owls on show with their huge eyes taking in all the tourists; and the remains of the old buildings.  Walking around the rear of the Minster we found the Treasurers House which we had a look around, the story being told of how its previous owner had saved it from ruin in Homes under the Hammer style, the question posed being was he a saviour or destroyer?

Walking further round we came to the Castle Museum watched over by Cliffords Tower.  We left the queues waiting to climb the tower for the views of York and opted for a tour of the museum, which is varied and fascinating, until the display of the 60’s, scary to think my childhood is a museum item!  We felt by now that we were cultured out and in need of sustenance, so Bettys was calling….. Well in such a beautifully traditional tea rooms you just have to partake of afternoon tea.


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