And so the road trip begins…

Fortunately the streets of New York were quiet this morning as we made our way to the car hire with our suitcases, and the weather was kind in providing some freshness after the heat of the previous day. Not that there was much respite in the smells of garbage or the odourless steam escaping from the sewers. Anyway we were soon heading away from the city and out to the coast where we are both much more at home.  
With a few stops along the way, passing through New London! we made a proper stop in Mystic. A quaint typical New England town, on the river mouth, we were headed no to Mystic Pizza, famous for pizza, and even had a Julia Roberts film named after the place. The seafood pizza was delicious, huge, but we just about managed to finish it between us.

Our overnight stop is at the Stagecoach House Inn, an original staging post since 1796 it really feels like we are in a cowboy movie! we have a back stoop to gaze at the river while relaxing in comfy chairs.

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