New England in the Fall Road Trip

So, we begin our next adventure…..

We first discovered New England three years ago when celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. Cruising in and out of harbours left us with a desire to see more of this beautiful area. So we came back a year later in the springtime and weren’t disappointed. So determined to see the fall colours in all their glory we are heading back again, later in the year, in the hope of catching the right time.
Starting our journey in the Big Apple, no not the iPhone one the original one … New York New York. Not enamoured with this city last time we visited we though it worth giving it another go to see if it could grow on us. Arriving at JFK ( a few days after two bombs, and while the UN heads of nations were meeting probably not the best time!) just as the sun was starting to drop from the sky, the silhouette of the famous skyline stood out as the sun began, and finished setting as we struggled through the slow moving traffic towards our hotel. After dropping our bags we were keen to stretch our legs after our journey and headed off with no particular destination in mind, finding ourselves in Times Square, quirky, noisy, bright, bustling, it seems the world and his brother had arrived in the same area at the same time. An eclectic mix of tourists, cartoon characters, naked ladies in body paint all seeking to be photographed, (with obligatory tips), and a host of photographers trying to capture it all. After duly being photographed and taking photographs we moved away from the bustle and made our way to Grand Central Station. Wow, what a building. Finding ourselves in the dining area we made the most of it by grabbing a slice of pizza before heading off to a welcoming bed.
Early to bed early to rise, so after a quick breakfast we headed off to Central Park, a quiet haven in this slightly mad city. Finding the Alice in Wonderland statue I was then happy to head back to the city noises and we made our way to the walk the Highline. Well, when we eventually found it, lots of construction work going on in the area results in road closures we had to walk around before arriving at the entrance to the old railway line, now a pleasant walkway through the buildings giving a different perspective of the city than from ground level.  

Sally had recommended a deli to eat in so we made our way there through Greenwich Village which was much more ‘villagey’ feeling, the atmosphere and character changing as we made our way, finding Katz Deli was a relief! As we walked through the door we wondered what had hit us!! The huge place was full of people, every line for service was crammed full and lots and lots of shouting. Service was very quick, and we even managed to find a seat! It was sooooo worth it. Amr had been looking forward to the corned beef sandwich so much, he forgot I’m not keen, refusing to share he got me one all of my own!! However, not only was it so humongous it lasted for two meals, it was delicious. Deciding enough was enough we hailed a cab and returned for a well earned rest, emerging later to walk round to find where we collect the hire car from, grab some drinks and retire, realising we had walked nearly 14 mile we felt fully justified at an early night!

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