Rhode Island to Boothbay Harbour

Bypassing Boston, lovely as it is trying to negotiate the streets and pay extortionate parking fees wasn’t something we fancied! Passing Salem, famous for its witch trials, we headed to our next stay in Wells. Lovely little cottage with full cooking facilities was superfluous to need – having stopped at Bobs Clam Hut in Kittery en route, for a fabulous seafood platter.
Ogunquit -beautiful place by the sea- is just what it says on the tin, beautiful and by the sea! Having passed a number of parking lots charging $15 we were lucky to find one right from on the beach and free!! We took the Marginal Walkway, a walk along the margin of the sea with lovely views, quite busy with other walkers we could only imagine how crowded it would be in summer. Unsure what our next step would be we set out for Maine Diner, which I had read about in my research for the trip. A packed car park and a queue outside usually indicates good food to be had, and even Amr has learnt that sometimes the wait is worth it! Fortunately the wait wasn’t too long and we were ushered to our seats in the typical American diner and were treated to great seafood served in a huge shell plate.
Our journey up northwards to Boothbay Harbour was broken at Freeport. We have eaten at both Linda Bean cafes and hut and were looking forwards to a lobster benedict but unfortunately we were too late for the breakfast menu, so yes, seafood platters again! Every time we see food we eat it!! As we drove northwards the foliage on the trees is changing and the colours are beautiful, orange, reds and yellows peeping through the green.
Boothbay Harbour is a quaint seaside Harbour and we were staying right in the middle, almost literally as the inn is built over the water! Retracing our steps from our previous visit we found little has changed, but we are seeing the end of the season rather than the beginning and the shops and businesses are winding down, some already closed ‘gone south till summer comes back’.  

After a good breakfast with overlooking the Harbour which was bathed in sunshine we walked round the other side of the Harbour until we ran out of sidewalk and headed back. We then made our way outwards to the Lobster Cove Meadow walk. Although the meadows seems to have been taken over by trees it was a pleasant walk and we were on our own not seeing another soul on the walk until right at the end, a solitary dog walker passed us. After a relaxing sit on the deck watch no the world go by we set off to the Lobster Dock on the Harbour side for dinner as the sun went down. We were treated to a beautiful sunset while we ate our lobsters and scallops.  

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