Mount Madison, New Hampshire

Following the ‘scenic, leaf peeping’ route found ourselves following the Mount Madison Auto Road up to the summit. What a road. Starting off like many other Mount Tain roads, but with stupendous fall colours on the trees, the terrain slowly changed as we crept upwards, oohing and wowing all the way, sometimes at the views, others at the road which seemed to keep disappearing, it was so narrow, windy and very close to the edge with dramatic drops if you made a false move! Stopping off as often as we could along the road to admire the views we were in awe of the changing and colourful landscape set out below us. The weather was kind, after a hazy start to the day the sun broke through and cleared the clouds and we could see for miles and were pleased with the warm sunshine. Dropping back down again we followed the route we had planned and jaws kept dropping at the beauty of the scenery.

Out of the many waterfalls we opted to walk to Glen Ellis Falls and Silver Cascade and weren’t disappointed. So much to see in the area, our one day doesn’t do justice to it all but we have had a great day and lots, and lots of photos to remember it all by!

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