And into Arizona….

Passing over the state border into Arizona, our seventh state in ten days, the weather was clearer and by the time we reached our destination we had hopes it would stay dry.

The Petrified Forest had us oohing and wowing for the full twenty eight miles of our journey through the park, which incorporates some of the original Route 66. There was a mixture of rock formations, valleys, badlands and Petrified woodlands. At every turn another was another viewpoint with yet another astounding and different view. The colours, rock formations and views are outstanding. We have never seen anything like it before. The scenery constantly changing…. the black clouds getting ever closer though. We had planned to do a couple of trails, around the Blue Mesa, and into the Petrified Forest but the rain and wind had other ideas. We did brave the weather to see as much as we could, and did small walks but nothing like we would have wished to. Walking amongst the Petrified wood turned to agate was incredible, we were literally surrounded by it every way we looked. The colours different on every piece, in some cases whole trees had turned to agate just where they fell. Nature is amazing even if it has taken thousands of years to achieve the results we saw today.

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