Northwards through Arizona….

Leaving the Grand Canyon by the east access we thought the road would be pretty bland as we headed to our next stop in Big Water Utah, near Page. How wrong we were! The landscape was phenomenal, it had me jumping in my seat while Amr was trying to drive and look at what I was gasping at. The stratified rocky outcrops so colourful, changing rock formation and ‘painted desert’ along the route was reminiscent of a lunar landscape. Sparse spring flowers battling against the winds added more colour to the views. The only signs of life along the way (apart from the cars zipping past us, don’t people here know what a speed limit is for?) were the Navajo jewellery and pottery stalls dotted along the highway, and occasional basic residences, oh and what appeared to be wild horses, but given the residences maybe they weren’t so wild!
We stopped briefly at the Cameron outpost, browsing the local arts and crafts, noting that some of the ‘ Native American’ blankets and other trinkets were made in China! Also that many of the jewellery items have a marked resemblance to Egyptian ones, although vastly more expensive.
Our next planned stop, Horseshoe Bend didn’t disappoint. Busy with tourists, we made our way along the walkway, which felt like walking through the sand dunes to the seashore, then reaching the crest of the hill to peer down on the view of the bend in the Colorado River carving around a huge rock, (shaping up surprisingly like a horseshoe!)

Another one of those ‘wow’ moments when you get up close, despite seeing all the pictures nothing quite prepares you for the view when you get to the precipice (after fighting through all the bus loads of Asian tourists taking selfies!). The water was lower than the pictures you see, but still beautiful and amazing how clever nature is to form such beauty, and how powerful the waters must have been to cut a path through the rocks in that way.
Reluctant to leave but having drunk in the the scenery and taken the obligatory dozens of photos we made our way to Page and Lake Powell. The lakes are formed by the dam which produces the electricity for the area filling up the natural canyons with water. The result is beautiful, after scenery starved of water for so long now it was a delight to see the blue against the red, yellow and white rocks surrounding the water. We ventured out of the car to view the dam by crossing the pedestrian walkway over the road bridge, not far though as the wind howling down the rivers pathway was strong enough to blow you over Driving along the scenic drive to the shoreline it was lovely to see the marina full of boats bobbing about in the sunshine, obviously big business here in the summer months.

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