Antelope Canyon

After initial disappointment when checking on-line, that the tours for Antelope Canyon were all sold out for our stay we headed to the visitor centre for advice on what else we could do. The centre was fascinating, great displays of dinosaurs from 91 million years ago. A pictorial timeline on the wall to demonstrate evolution, and a mind blowing globe showing how close South America and Africa were 80 million years ago, while The UK was attached to Europe, (don’t tell the brexitiers!). Anyway the ranger told us not to worry about what the website said, ‘just get on down their, they’ll have space for you!’. So that’s just what we did, bearing in mind what our motel hosts had advised, to go for the lower canyon tour. True enough there were spaces and we got a tour with only a fifteen minute wait. There were only about twelve of us, a mixed nationality group, with a native Navajo Indian guide who was brilliant. He explained everything, guided us through at our own pace, showed us the best views for pictures, even taking a few for those who needed help. He made the walls ‘talk’ with careful banging on particular rocks, then sat on the floor with his head against a wall, banged his chest and the walls reverberated the sound, awesome! The canyon was amazing, light flooding in from above lit up the bright orange walls carved out by water and whirlpools over millions of years. The shapes and rock marking were unbelievably beautiful, even elegant if you can use that word to describe rocks! Many of the rock shapes can be interpreted as particulate shapes, depending upon your imagination. There was Nimo, Pocahantis, a lion (which I rather though was more like a camel), an Indian chief and many more. There were quite a few ladders to get down into the canyon, scrabbling over rocks and through narrow passages through our journey and of course, more ladders to climb to get out again. We certainly felt that the tour cost was well justified.

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