Fort Bluff

Passing through the small town of Bluff en route to Canyonlands I spotted a sign for For Bluff, Historic Site. Amr was continuing through the town when I said, that looks interesting, stop! So he obligingly stamped on the brakes and swerved round the corner indicated! Of course he hadn’t seen the old wagons that I had so didn’t know why we were stopping!! When we got out of the car and walked through the entrance he began to see why I was excited. It was an old fort with lots of pioneer wagons, cabins around a main square were all telling the story’s of the families which had settled in Bluff as pioneers. The cabins contained the original contents of their homes donated by their descendants. The stories of hardship and endurance are intriguing to read, most of the women had at least eight children before they died young, their husbands going on to marry again, often the sister of their late wife. There were also native Indian homes and the contrast to the pioneers was stark. Whilst America has a relatively short history compared to Europe it has a very different history of hardship to develop, which is why it’s sad to see so many small communities deteriorating and neglected as we travel through the country. For such a fascinating place, and the amount of work which has gone into displaying the history of the town, there is no charge to view! 

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