Dead Horse Point State Park

An intriguing name for a state park, and cruel history behind the name.
Apparently cowboys used to round up the wild mustangs and herd them onto the Point and coral them their whilst choosing which ones to ‘break’ and use for themselves, leaving the others trapped and without food or water dying there, 2000 feet above the Colorado River and no means of escape.

There’s no evidence of mustangs or cowboys in the area now, just beautiful views from a high vantage point, and a lovely rim walk which we followed round, mercifully for our legs reasonably flat and easy going after yesterday’s trails in Arches National Park! The sun got hotter as we made our way and there was no shade, fortunately being up so high, there was a fresh breeze in parts which helped. You can see for miles from the trail and lots of views of the Colorado River with a lovely bend, partially obscured at it’s tip by rocks. Around the actual Dead Horse Point there are shaded picnic tables where we enjoyed our sandwiches, freezing the water in our bottles before we left meant we had cool water all the way, however the coffee hut at the visitor centre was a welcome sight as we ended the trail. 

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