Took the train into downtown Chicago this morning full with Chicago Cubs supporters off to the game, all in good spirits. We got off at Lake/Clarke and walked along the Riverside Walk, watching the tour boats making their way along the river, under the May bridges, Amr excited to be watching the undersides of the cars as they whizzed over our heads! As we started to walk over the last bridge making our way to Navy Pier, the red lights were flashing, sirens going, and workers shouting ‘get off of the bridge’. Naturally, being obedient tourists, we stopped to see what was going on. All the traffic was stopped too, then we realised the bridge was being raised, Amr took off back down the stairs to get a better view, so I thought I better join him!! As the bridge was raised the sail boats made their way through to Lake Michigan. After that bit of excitement we let all the cyclists who had joined us by this time go first, so we could enjoy the walk over the bridge in peace. We made our way along Navy Pier watching all the army cadets and their families having a family day out. The views from the Pier are good and fortunately it was a clear sunny day to see the Chicago skyline.

 We then started back into town, after watching the water fountain and the kids – and some adult ones!! – jumping in and out of the sprays. I was very tempted to join them to cool off but restrained myself!! We walked along to the beach through the memorial garden, and watched families having fun in the lake, a couple of guys playing backgammon in the shade.

Making our way along Grand towards ‘the Magnificent Mile’ it was getting hotter, and we were getting hungrier. We headed to Giordano’s for Chicago Deep Pan Pizza. What I didn’t realise was that. It only was the baseball game on tv, but also the European Cup Final, one very cheesy grin on Amr’s face!!! Even more cheesy by the time we finished the humongous pizza pie!! 
Our second day we headed in early to take advantage of the all day rail ticket being 24 hours, which meant we only needed a return to get back, hence saving ourselves $15!! Savvy travellers!

Even warmer today, and humid with the cloudy skies, so we wandered around the streets, taking in millennium park and the ‘bean’, finding ourselves back at the pier, for hotdogs (they’re beef here). Walking back again along the river searching for the cool breeze, passing locals and tourists relaxing along the riverbanks in holiday mode, we decided to call it a day, we’re not built for city heat.

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