Road trip France

After the long drive from home, with overnight stops in High Wycombe and Calais to break the journey, we arrived at our first camp in the Loire, just as the rain started! We might have known!!So we had a stroll round the campsite, stripped at the bar for a coffee while the weather did its worst and eventually got the tent up, using the extra strong pegs as the ground is rock hard, pleased now that Amr insisted on making this purchase!

Used to travelling out of season and fellow campers being a similar age, now high season and surrounded by families we’re feeling rather ‘mature’!! No loud TVs because the occupants can’t hear though! and exhausted children means early (quiet) nights! 
After a late breakfast we ventured into Blois. Having visited the chateau on a previous visit we were happy to wander the medieval streets. Stopping first by the side of the Loire, which was perfectly still, so we got beautiful views of the churches, bridge and town reflected in the water. It was French lunch time so there were tables of locals enjoying lunch and children playing as we strolled past.

Parking on the town side of the river we made our way through the narrow streets and found ourselves walking through La Rosierie, a beautiful rose garden with views over the town and river. The aromas wafting through the air were delightful. Climbing up further we found ourselves in the grounds of the Hotel de Ville. 

 Strolling round the streets, roadworks spoiling the quiet in parts, not as busy as we had anticipated and the majority of tourist appearing to be French. 

Stopping for a coffee in the square in front of the chateau we were surprised and delighted when the windows of the adjacent building opened to reveal golden dragons (or dinosaurs) emerging to view the tourists before disappearing inside again.

As we made our way back to the car the sun deigned to make an appearance and the reflections on the river of the clouds above were stunning. 


We made our way back to the south side of the river again, where the families had dispersed and a group of older people with their careers were enjoying the afternoon sun and views, to enjoy the views so different in the sunshine. Groups of birds also enjoying the river were making lots of noise as the took off and landed.

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