Montrichard and the Donjon

Not wanting to overdo the chateau viewing we opted to drive to Montrichard on the Cher river to see the medieval village and ruined castle. The guidebook suggested arriving from the south to gain benefit of the best views, so although from the direction of travel we arrived from the east, we drove out south so we could turn round and get the views!
We were not disappointed, the old arched bridge over the river led you to view the town with the church overlooking it and the castle majestically up above. We learned later that as the castle fell into ruin parts of it had actually collapsed into the church.

After a relaxing stop for coffee in the central square we made our way through the small town and found ourselves quickly at the entrance to the Museum and Donjon. 

 For only a 5 euro entrance we were surprised at what was on offer. Firstly we made our way into the museum, which was about life in France and contained loads of information well displayed, as well as lots of typical daily scenes of people through he ages. The various sets of stairs taking us further and further downwards.  Fair enough the models weren’t Madame Tussards standard but you got the picture!

Following on from the museum we entered the Round Tower, which was an amazing collection of anthropology, archeology, palaeontology and a whole room dedicated to milling of corn etc from around the word. Whilst we were given information to read in English, we found there was lots more to read had our French been better – a lot better!  

The way up further to the castle gave us lovely views over the town, river and countryside beyond. 

However that’s was as far as viewing the castle got!

  There was lots of information describing the castle but it was closed off, obviously ruined it appears not to be too safe either, which was a pity.

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