Aigues Mortes celebrate the Fête de St. Louis 

This small Camargue town is completely surrounded by huge castle walls, as we made our way from the car park alongside the boats bobbing about on the water it was obvious there was something special in the air.

 As we went through the gates of the town we discovered that it had been taken back to its medieval roots to celebrate the Fête de St Louis. Everywhere were tents and everyone was dressed in medieval attire. 

Even the visitors were dressed up, particularly the children who looked gorgeous in their outfits (modern days caution stoped me taking their photos). 

 There was clearly lots of effort gone into the celebrations the whole town was decorated and all the businesses were focused on the event. 

 Lots of warriors and their ladies walked the streets 

and there were displays of weaponry and day to day life with people explaining everything to the visitors. 

Musicians played to anyone who listened, and troops of dancers encouraged visitors to join them in their dances.


One thing which brought us back to modern day with a bump was the amount of obvious security patrolling the event. Gendarmes, private security and army with their guns at the ready. The question really is, does this make one feel more or less secure? 

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