St Tropez

Arriving early to ensure a parking space in this popular town we still struggled to find a place as the long line of traffic ahead of us snaked into town.

This very touristy town never fails to excite me. Today we had come to the marche, held only twice a week in the main square, where we and hundreds of other vied and jostled for space in the small lanes between the packed stalls.  

Produce of every kind is on offer, and the sounds of the smallholders shouting their wares is enticing you to part with your euros. Taking a breather from the mayhem we stopped at a cafe on the border of the marche and watched the world go by as we sat in peace for a while.

After checking out every stall (or so Amr told me I did!) we headed through the small alleyways of the old town, wondering, window shopping and noses in the air to the delightful smells of moules and other aromatic fish wafting out of restaurants.

As always all roads lead to the sea and we found ourselves on the famous seafront with those gorgeous coloured houses…

We found ourselves climbing upwards to the Citadelle de St Tropez, walking round outside the walls until we found the path ended, so we followed the example of three young guys and jumped over the wall to find ourselves back on the road and headed for the correct entrance to the Citadelle!

The Citadelle was interesting and the story of its history and the St Tropeziens was told as you walked the walls. Inside the castle was a seafaring museum, fascinating to one who has discovered his interest in model shipbuilding! There where lots of local exhibits and stories of local seafarers and was very well presented.

Winding back into the town the aromas got the better of us and we ate a decadent meal in one of the harbour front restaurants watching the life of St Tropez walking by….. locals who belong, Frenchmen and women on holiday, yachties and yacht crew, and those tourists who looked like rabbits in the headlights with it all!

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