San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf

Having only an evening and a morning to spend in the city ( we have come to the conclusion we are not city people so tend to just venture to see what everyone raves about!). We decided to stay at Fisherman’s Wharf to keep with our coastal theme for the northward journey. The hotel was literally a few steps from the wharf so we set off to explore soon after checking in.

It took us a while to find the wharf for all the seafood restaurants! If buildings weren’t restaurants they were souvenir shops. After stopping for dinner, as we were starving, we found Pier 39,

as we were wondering why there seemed to be no seals, having seen so many on our journey, we noticed a huge crowd of people, then heard the seals! Hundreds of them all lazing on floating platforms in the harbour. Watching their antics in protecting their own space was hilarious and sad at the same time, the poor guys trying to jump onto the platforms for a rest were pushed off by those already there.

The rest of the pier and surrounding are was like a more upmarket Blackpool.

Up early and hungry again we headed back to the bakery we had seen the night before for breakfast. What a contrast in the early morning to the night before! Everyone must have still been asleep. We took our breakfast into the outer courtyard which was quite breezy until we found the fire with a table infront which kept us nice and warm, as we watched the crab stalls setting up for business for the day.

We headed to the National Park office to purchase our America the Beautiful pass but found it didn’t open for another fifteen minutes. Too chilly to stand around we headed up one of the (very) step streets to find Lombard Street. Too out of breath to moan too much Amr still could not understand why we were punishing ourselves!

Until we got to the top, saw the beautiful views of the bay,

watched the colourful old the streetcars going up and down, and then the very windy Lombard street, plus dozens of tourists in the middle of the road taking selfies! It’s a very pretty road, standing out from all the other streets which have the same gradient but remain straight, this one is more like a garden with curving paved road to the bottom.

After walking up and down the steps at the sides of the road we descended again to buy our pass,

and discovered the maritime park with a selection of old ships and a paddle steamer which we had a look around before heading back to the car and continuing our journey.

Our journey took us over the famous Golden Gate Bridge. We tried to stop at the viewing station before crossing but there was nowhere to park and loads of cars circling round waiting for someone to move, so I jumped out of the car, took a quick snap from my phone and off we went.

Fortunately at the other side there was another, bigger area but not such good views of the bridge, but fabulous ones of the city, Alcatraz and the San Francisco Bay bridge in the distance.

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