Redwoods National Park

After a leisurely start we headed to the visitor centre to decide which of the many trails to take, passing a herd of wild elk grazing at the roadside. After chatting to the rangers we headed off on the Prairie Creek Trail. This trail took us along the river, crisscrossing over it by many small bridges along the way.

Well, if yesterday we felt like Alice in Wonderland, today we felt like ants walking through the huge redwood trees. It’s unbelievable how tall and straight they are, and how wide a circumference they have at the base.

After tripping a few times as I was looking upwards I decided it was best to look where I was treading and stop frequently to look upwards! It’s hard to describe these magnificent trees, even the camera couldn’t get them all in one picture! The silence was incredible, you could hear yourself breathing, when you were out of earshot of the babbling water of the river.

After a couple of miles, and crawling under a newly fallen tree on hands and knees, we stopped for lunch on a seat carved out of a fallen tree trunk. We then headed west on the ‘zig zag trail’. Now sometimes trails are given names for a reason, on this occasion it was exactly that! Zig zag, uphill! The turns were sharp hairpin bends, no time for looking up or we may have ended up sliding downhill.

Just as we were lulled into a sense of security when the trail levelled out, we were uphill again. Well, fortunately what goes up, must, eventually, go down, and now following the West Ridge Trail we arrived back at the visitor centre.

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