A day of contrasts en route to Oregon

Waking to a chilly, misty morning we made our way through the redwoods, our route taking us along the coast before heading inland. The clouds hung low over the mountains and as we drove we drove in and out of clouds giving an air of mystery to the forests.

Arriving by the Pacific Ocean again the winds were fierce, the sea wild and the sound of crashing waves deafening as I ventured onto the volcanic black sands of the beach. Amr decided he was too lazy to wear his hoody and stayed in the car!

After hugging the coast for a while we headed inland and as we climbed higher the mists cleared, and leaving the tall redwoods behind us we were surrounded by pine clad mountains blue skies and puffy white clouds.

We followed the course of the Smith River – what an exciting name for a river! The rocky course of the river meant lots of cascades and gushing narrows as it made its way along. The colour was a radiant turquoise and white, and had me jumping in my seat as we looked down upon it, not popular moves when Amr was seriously concentrating on the winding road and couldn’t see what I was raving about!

Taking the rural road, there was a distinct change in the countryside and habitats compared to California. By the time we arrived at Ashland in Oregon the temperature had soared to 29 degrees.

Ashland if famous for its Shakespeare Festival held annually between April and October. A number of theatres, one looking distinctly like the Globe Theatre show various Shakespeare plays through the year, others stage other plays and musical too. Wild horses and even this stubborn mule could not entice Amr into a theatre though.

Strolling through the upmarket town the art galleries and shops were beautiful but decidedly pricey, so we browsed!

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