Coastal Oregon….

An very early start after a crap hotel.. long story, best forgotten… we made our way west from Eugene to the Victorian coastal town of Florence. There seem to be a few Florence’s in the USA!

In need of caffeine by the time we arrived we strolled through the small town and found a lovely cafe serving gallons of coffee and huge breakfasts, so we indulged in both while watching over the bay, and felt more awake by we’d finished. The old town is small but very well preserved and the shops and art galleries unique, we could both easily have spent a fortune in one particular gallery.

The birds even had their own addresses on the nesting boxes.

The road hugged the coast as far as our destination, only veering inland slightly when there was no way across the river inlets. The day was hazy which added to the drama of the spectacular views.

We watched seals swimming below us, being battered about by the waves and by the sound of them seemed to be enjoying it!

Stopping frequently to admire the views, and then taking a walk down to the rocky beach at Cape Perpetua we were treated to stunning blowholes when the waves came crashing into holes carved into the rocks.

We could have watched for hours, but we walked around the Captain Cook Trail for a while before heading back to the car.

We passed through many small communities, many rugged beaches on our way and eventually reached Cannon Beach by 6.30 in the evening. Just enough time to grab a few supplies from the (very indulgent) shop next to the hotel before a bracing walk along the beach.

The evening sun was hidden behind the clouds but shone ethereally over the beach and waves.

The nesting birds enjoying final flights before settling for the night on the huge rocks in the sea. Photographers with their tripods trying to catch the birds, no chance of a sunset shot today, but the low hazy clouds added so much of a mysterious atmosphere to the rocks and sea that I don’t think anyone cared!

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