Whidbey Island, wildlife, Washington

Waking to dismal skies and rain the prospect of seeing much on our trip to Whidbey island was poor.

However we made our way to the ferry at Mukilteo, and were impressed with the efficiency of purchasing our ticket and the swift embarkation / disembarkation process. The clouds slowly lifting, at least the rain had stopped as we arrived in Clinton and made our way towards Langley.

In the small coastal town of Langley we visited the whale centre and got lots of information on the whales association with the town and the area. Excited that there had been a number of recent spotting of whales though not holding out much hope of seeing any today, we wandered around the small pretty town.

Whilst browsing the shops we heard the whale sighted bell ring

so joined everyone else in scanning the water from glimpse. Amr saw its spray before I worked out where it was, just about in time to see his tail disappear into the water.

We made our way to the beach and ate our picnic willing him to surface again, but in vain.

Driving the scenic road we saw wild deer grazing at the roadside, and rabbits bobbing about.

Next stop was Coupeville. Walking the jetty we watched the heron stalking its prey,

seagulls diving for their food, and the hilarious antics at swallowing their catch,

only on close investigation of out photos did we realise it was starfish they were catching and having such difficulty swallowing.

Further along the beach there were a couple of eagles, having less success than the seagulls for lunch.

Gazing down into the water we watched huge crabs as they made their way across the seabed,

lazy starfish just laying there and definitely not moving just looking pretty

After a delicious ice cream we made our way to the Deception Pass State Park.

Parking at the North Beach we walked up to the Deception Bridge, a magnificent structure apparently seventeen stories above the turquoise waters gushing through the pass below.

The views were absolutely stunning, by now the sun which had been hiding all day came out in all its glory,

and topped off with more sightings of eagles,

before we strolled on the beach and just sat watching the waters rushing by,

watching children and parents alike enjoying the age old challenge of throwing stones in the water.

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