Winthrop, Washington…. Cowboy country

Having descended from the mountains and the beautiful views, snow and cascades we though that was it for the day. However as we followed the directions to our cabin for the next couple of nights we couldn’t believe the scene as we entered town. It was just as though we were driving into a cowboy movie. The whole town is a recreation of the old towns built during the 1890’s.

Hungry and tired we had dinner in our cabin which is also a recreation of ‘the old days’, on this occasion I am including pictures of the cabin as we were so taken aback with it.

We then walked around town, so excited we didn’t even take the camera, we just wanted to drink in the scene and atmosphere. We felt as though we had the town to ourselves, mid-week and evening time all the day trippers half left, shops closed so we could really enjoy our stroll in the evening sun.

Waking refreshed we decided that’s as most of the local walks were closed due to the snow we would have a couple of days relaxing, alien to us, but as the deck of our cabin overlooked the rushing river we couldn’t bear to be pulled away other than to browse the local shops.

Which were true to the authenticity of the town, rightdown to the seating in Sheris’ cafe

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